Final Webex Productivity Tools release for Windows

The June (42.6) release will be the last release for Productivity Tools for Windows. Microsoft Outlook customers who wish to schedule Webex meetings from Microsoft Outlook should move to the Webex Scheduler add-in.

For more information on migrating to the Webex Scheduler Add-In, check out the Migrate from Productivity Tools to the Webex Scheduler Add-In help article.

Install Webex Productivity Tools

Site administrators may also perform a mass installation at your company for computers at their site. For more information, see the IT Administrator Guide for Mass Deployment of the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop and Productivity Tools.

If necessary, you can also download and install Webex Productivity Tools manually.

Before you begin

Before installing Webex Productivity Tools, ensure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements:


Log in to your Webex site.


In the left navigation bar, select Downloads.


On the Downloads page, under Cisco Webex Productivity Tools, select Download.

The File Download dialog box appears.


Save the installation programs to your computer.

The name of the installation file has a .msi extension.


Run the installation file and follow the instructions for Productivity Tools.


Enter your Webex site URL, username, and password.

What to do next

When the installation is complete, from the Preferences dialog box you can do the following:

  • Verify or change your Account, Desktop, and Meet Now settings

  • Select which applications will use Webex Productivity Tools

Set up Webex Productivity Tools


In Microsoft Outlook, from the Schedule Meeting menu, select the Preferences dialog box to set up Webex Productivity Tools, or to verify your settings.

The Preferences dialog box appears.

In the Account tab, confirm the Webex site URL and your username. To choose a different Webex site, click Change to sign out and sign back in.


In the My Personal Room tab, confirm the options displayed:

  • Personal Room name

  • Personal Room link

  • Personal Room number

  • Video address

  • Host pin

Click Edit my Personal Room on the Webex site to update the details in the Personal Room section.


Select OK.