Approve External Administrator Request

If you are a Webex org administrator and you have ordered Webex for BroadWorks services from a Service Provider, you must approve administrator access for the Service Provider administrator so that they can add complete services provisioning.

After you place your order, the Service Provider administrator tries to add himself/herself as a user in your org so that they can add services. This results in the below email, which is sent to you and up to five org administrators. You must follow the steps in the subsequent procedure to approve the request.


In the email, click the Control Hub button.


At the prompt, login to Control Hub. Control Hub opens at the Users page.


Click Add external admin. The Add external administrator popup displays.


Enter the email address of the Service Provider administrator (as provided in the email request), and click Verify email.


If the email is valid, under Organization Administrator Roles, check Full administrator privileges.


Click OK.

The Service Provider administrator now has sufficient privileges to be able to add Webex for BroadWorks services.