Check New Voice Messages

To find out if you have new voicemail messages, look for one of these signs:

  • The light strip on your handset is solid red.

  • The number of missed calls and voicemail messages is displayed on your screen. If you have more than 99 new messages, a plus (+) sign is displayed.

  • An exclamation mark (!) indicates urgent voicemail messages.

Cisco IP Phone 6800 Series, 7800 Series, and 8800 Series: You will also hear a stutter tone played from your handset, headset, or speakerphone when you use a phone line. This stutter tone is line-specific. You only hear it when you use a line that has voice messages.

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 and 8832: You will hear a stutter tone played from the speakerphone when you use the phone line. You only hear it when the line has a voice message.

Access Voicemail


Do one of the following actions:

  • 6800: Press Messages or Messages.
  • 7800 and 8800: Press Messages .
  • 7832 and 8832: Press Messages.

Follow the voice prompts.


For details on voicemail features and PIN rules, see Set up and manage your voicemail.