This feature is supported on Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars. On Webex App, this feature is available on our Webex Suite meeting platform. Find out if your meetings use the Webex Suite meeting platform.

Breakout session feature limitations:

  • Meetings that use end-to-end encryption aren't supported.

  • Attendee names show in the main Chat drop-down list even if they join a breakout session.

  • If there are network connection issues, breakout session participants return to the main meeting when they reconnect.

  • Only one host or cohost can have the Breakout session assignment dialog open at a time.

  • If the audio connection type for a meeting is Use VoIP only and the site administrator hasn't enabled the Collaboration Meeting Room option for the host, Breakout sessions will be unavailable in the meeting controls.

  • Q&A is not supported in breakout sessions from the Meetings mobile app.

  • If they join the meeting before the hosts creates the breakout sessions, Webex can move participants into the breakout sessions automatically. Hosts must manually move participants who join after they create the breakout sessions. This limitation applies when hosts select the Assign participants automatically option.

The following features aren’t currently supported while participating in a breakout session (to be addressed in a following release):

  • People Insights profile and the notes taker role

  • Webex Assistant for Meetings

  • Closed captioning

  • Recording breakout sessions

  • Sharing web browser

  • Sharing multimedia

  • Sharing a file using the Open and Share option

  • Sharing iPhone or iPad screens (Mac-only feature)

  • Annotation and Whiteboard on Windows and Mac (iOS and Android only feature)

  • Remote control

  • Live streaming

  • Polling

  • Saving chat

  • Users who join from the Meetings web app can’t share content


The following known issues and limitations apply when using devices in Meetings breakout sessions.

  • Supported Webex cloud connected devices must be running Room OS 10 or later software.

  • When breakout sessions are set up to let participants choose any session, users on devices will not be able to choose the breakout session they want to join.

  • When a user on the Meetings app is in a breakout session and they try to pair with a device that is already in a breakout session, a "device busy" message is shown.

  • Users on devices cannot ask for help when in a breakout session.

  • Broadcast messages sent by the host are not visible on devices.