Connect to a Board automatically

When you're close to a Board, it automatically connects with your Webex app and greets you. If the board is in sleep mode when you enter the room, it wakes up when it detects your presence.

When you are connected to a board, you can:

  • Present wirelessly to the board.

  • Use the board for calls with your app as remote control.

  • Open a space on the board.

You know the app is connected, when the board's name shows up on your app.

The device uses ultrasound to discover boards which works on most devices. Ultrasound can't go through walls, so it only works if you're physically in the same room as the board.

  • Turn on automatic connection on your app if it has been turned off. You can find it under Preferences on your desktop app and under Advanced settings on your mobile app.

  • On iPhone, iPad, and Android, ensure that Discover Devices is turned on.

  • Allow recording on your mobile device.

  • For the connection to work, you can only have one device that uses ultrasound in a room.

If you have enabled connectivity in your app, and the board still doesn't connect, you can find a board manually. See further down in this article on how to do that.

Share your screen on a Board


When your Mac or Windows app is connected to board, click the device name on the app. Then click Share on device.


Select whether you want to share the entire screen or only one of the open applications, and then click Share.


To stop sharing click the Stop button on the top of your laptop screen.

Call from a Webex space on a Board


Choose a space in your Webex app.


If you aren't already connected to a board, click Connect to a device at the top of your app and search for the board in the lists of recent and nearby devices. Select the board and enter the code that shows up on the device screen. If you're already connected to a board the call will start from the connected device.


Click the call or Meet button in the top corner of the app to call the people in the space, from the connected board.

Call on a Board from the Webex App


Click on the left pane of your Webex app.

You'll see a list of recent and missed calls.


Enter a name, email address, or a video address above the dial pad. Or, enter a number on the dial pad.


Select a board from the drop-down list under the dial pad.

If you can't find it click on Connect to a device at the top of the app. Then search for the board you want to connect to, or select one of the suggested boards.

Enter the code shown on the board screen if prompted.


Click the button to start the call from the connected board.

Connect manually

If your device doesn't automatically connect with a Board, you can add the board to your list of devices and select it manually.

To select and connect to a board, click Connect to a device on your Webex app. Either choose one of the recent or nearby boards or search for a specific one.

  • When you connect manually, you can't open a space on a board. You can only share your screen on the board or use the board to make a call.

  • Manual connection only works on Windows or Mac.

  • You can only connect manually to the boards in your own organization.