The global search is always present in the Control Hub interface. Simply enter at least three letters of an object or setting that you want to find, and click the search button.

Control Hub looks for matches among your organization's users, groups, devices, and workspaces. It also looks for settings, which should help you find settings that you don't often use.

Table 1. Control Hub global search behavior
DimensionValues searchedPage/s returned
Users First name, last name, display name, email address User details page, troubleshooting page, (if applicable) user's linked device details page
Groups Group name Group details page
Workspaces Workspace name, associated email address Workspace details page
Devices Device name, MAC address, serial number Device details page, troubleshooting, or (if applicable) linked User or Workspace page
Settings Setting names, sub-headings of granular controls Deep link to the setting

The global search is currently only available to full administrators and read-only administrators.