• The Singapore datacenter is aimed at providing optimal media quality to all customers with locations in Southeast Asian countries, regardless of where they are located.

  • Hosting for Webex Calling customers is not provided. These customers can be hosted in any other Webex Calling data center and still take advantage of the media quality provided by the Singapore Media POP.

  • Customers with locations in Southeast Asian countries will automatically connect to the Singapore Media POP as the closest edge to the Webex network.

    These customers should consider provisioning PSTN services from CCPP interconnected in the Singapore Media POP to ensure best performance.

  • Media services provided by the Singapore Media POP are redundant. Failover for the Singapore Media POP is provided through Webex Calling data centers in Japan to ensure full redundancy. During failover, media latency may temporarily increase, although this occurs infrequently and is brief.