Reassign Webex Programs or Categories in Cisco Webex Site Administration

You can reassign Webex Events programs or Webex Training categories to a different owner if that person leaves your organization.

If a content owner leaves your organization, you can reassign existing content to another account.

    1 Sign in to Webex Site Administration, and go to User Management > Edit User.
    2 In the Name column, locate the account for the owner whose content you want to reassign.
    3 Click the link for the account.
    4 Scroll to the Recording and Content Management section.
    5 Check the boxes for the content types that you want to reassign:
    • Webex Events programs

    • Webex Training categories

    6 Click Reassign.
    7 Use the Search feature to locate the account, to which you want to reassign the content.
    8 Select the radio button for the new account, and then click OK.

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