This article is intended for administrators who are integrating Webex teams with Microsoft 365 groups. There's another article that describes how users can Connect a Microsoft 365 Group to a Team.

Microsoft 365 requirements

  • A Global admin account on your Microsoft tenant.

  • Microsoft 365 Groups feature.

  • Users in Azure Active Directory.

Webex requirements

  • A Webex organization and full administrator account.

  • Webex messaging entitlement for users (enabled free by default).

    You can set up a license assignment template ( to make sure that the users get this entitlement when you synchronize them from Azure AD.

  • Synchronize users from Azure Active Directory to your Webex organization. Read

  • Webex user accounts must be activated (users have signed in to Webex).

  • Configure Enterprise Content Management settings for your organization, and enable it for all your users. Read These are the settings you need:

    • Select Microsoft content management.

    • Toggle Enable linked folders.

    • Enter your Azure Active Directory (AD) Tenant Name.

    • Select the Microsoft Global instance.

Enable Groups Integration


Sign in to Control Hub at and go to the Hybrid page.


Find the Groups integration card.


Click View prerequisites.

The list is active, and shows green ticks for the complete Content Management prerequisites. If the content management settings are incomplete, Control Hub guides you to the right place to get them done.


Click Next.


Read the note about permissions, and then click Authorize.


Enter your Microsoft admin credentials when prompted.


Read the list of permissions and click Accept.

You'll see a success message.


Click Go to settings.

Another way to get to the settings page is Hybrid > Grops integration > Edit settings.


Slide the switch to Enable Microsoft 365 Groups Integration.

What to do next

If you need to edit these settings, go to the Hybrid page and find the Groups integration card.