Raise Hand is available in meetings with more than two participants. It's not available in meetings started from a Webex space.

When you raise your hand, it's visible on the Webex apps and on devices that support this feature. You can also see if someone has raised their hand from the Webex apps.


In a meeting, select the React button in the call controls and tap Raise hand .

With RoomOS 11 experience enabled, you can long press on the emoji to change the skin tone. When your device is on personal mode, the skin tone you chose will remain. On shared devices, the skin tone will be reset when the call ends.

If you don't see the React button, the reactions may be found in the More menu in the call controls.

Everyone in the meeting sees an on-screen notification that someone has raised their hand. The notification with a full name shows up for the first raised hand.

After that, the Raise Hand icon shows how many have raised their hands.

On devices with an integrated touch screen, you can tap the Raise Hand icon to open the participant list to see who has raised their hand. On other devices, open the participant list from the Touch 10 or Room Navigator. You see the participants who have raised their hand at the top of the list in a chronological order, so that it’s easy to see who raised their hand first.


To lower your hand, select the React button and tap Lower hand . This also removes the icon from the participant list next to your name.