View Calling Reports

You have access to various reports in Cisco Webex Control Hub that include details about activation and usage for Webex Teams and Meetings.

When you access Calling data from Cisco Webex Control Hub, you're brought to the Calling Admin Portal. You can use this information to evaluate how Webex Calling services are being used in your organization and how often people are using those services.

From the customer view in, go to Analytics and then select Webex Calling.

You're automatically brought to the Calling Admin Portal, where you can analyze and evaluate call usage and quality. For information about the reports available for specific calling features, see Calling Admin Portal - Reports. For information about call activity, see Calling Admin Portal - Analytics.

Assess the Media Quality of Your Locations

Get a location-by-location view of the media quality for your Calling location. Media quality is based on an aggregation of the mean opinion scores (MOS) for calls in a specific location to and from the customer, from Cisco MPP phones, and the Calling soft client. Possible values are as follows:

  • Good—> 3.2

  • Fair—2.7 to 3.2

  • Poor—<2.7

  • No Data Available—No calls have been made or received for the location in the time period selected.


From the customer view in, go to Analytics, and then select Webex Calling.

You're brought to the Calling Admin Portal.


Go to the Dashboard and scroll to Service Assurance to see the overall health of your organization.

If you want to open the CScan tool to verify latency, bandwidth, and ports, click Network Readiness Test.

What to do next

If the location shows a rating of Poor, this indicates that there may be an issue with media quality on one of your locations. Common causes are not enough bandwidth or traffic congestion. If the issues persist, go to the customer view in, click your admin username, and then click Feedback to open a case.

Run the CSCAN Tool

You can use the Cisco SCAN tool to check latency, bandwidth, and ports.

Go to, pick your server, and then click RUN TEST.