Customize Your App

Once you've installed the app, it's time to customize your settings . Learn how to upload a profile picture, update your notification preferences, and change notifications sounds.

Send Someone a Message

If you want to message someone directly , you need to start a conversation with them first. We'll show you how to create a space with just you and another person, send a message, add emojis, and upload a file.

Create a Space

Spaces are where you do most of your work. You can send messages, share files, and hold video meetings in a space. Create a space to streamline how you collaborate.

Moderate a Space

You can moderate a space to control who joins it. As a moderator, you can prevent people from adding new members and assign more moderators.

Create a Team

Cisco Webex Teams consist of several spaces that have a common theme. You can create a team for a long-term or cross-departmental project. You can also add nonteam spaces to your team.

Share Files with Others

Drag and drop files, photos, and videos to share them easily in the app .

Schedule a Meeting from any Space

You can schedule and view upcoming meetings right from where your chats are taking place.

Choose a Color Theme in Cisco Webex Teams

You can set Webex Teams to use dark, light, or high contrast color settings just by choosing a different theme .

Share Content Wirelessly from Webex Teams

When you connect to a Cisco Webex desk or room device, you can share content wirelessly when you're not in a call or meeting from your Webex Teams app.

Share Optimized Video in a Webex Teams Meeting

You can choose to optimize your video and audio when you share your screen from Webex Teams.

Start a Message Thread in Webex Teams

You can start a new message thread or reply to one that has already started to make it easier to follow specific conversations.

Send a Message in Webex Teams

You can make your messages more fun and easier to read by adding emojis, animated GIFs, and formatting to your basic messaging.

Quote a Message in Webex Teams

You can quote a message if you want to remind everyone of something that someone said or if you're just answering someone's specific question.