When users schedule Microsoft Teams meetings and include Cisco devices, a join button appears on the devices right before the meeting begins.

WebRTC is available on devices that support the web engine.

WebRTC isn't supported:

  • In classroom setup

  • On Panorama

  • With the SpeakerTrack 60 when SpeakerTrack is enabled

These features aren't available during the meeting:

  • Sharing wirelessly or with an HDMI

  • Whiteboarding

  • Far end camera control

  • Participant list

  • Devices with dual screens show the meeting on the main display

To join a Microsoft Teams meeting on your device:

  1. Before the meeting starts, your device or Touch controller displays the Join button. Tap it to enter the meeting.

  2. The call controls and the self-view fade away after a few seconds. When a presentation is shared, the Webex device displays the presentation from Microsoft Teams. However, the content shared on screen is not interactive.

    On dual screen Room Series devices, the second screen isn’t used.