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Set up Fee-Based Training

You have the option to set up training sessions that are fee-based.

Set up E-Commerce (Fee or Pay-Per-Use Training)


E-commerce is an optional feature. If provisioned for your site, your site administrator must enable and set up the feature.

Webex Training E-commerce allows customers to pay for training conveniently by using:

  • Credit cards

  • Debit cards

  • PayPal Payflow Pro

  • PayPal Express Checkout (US and Canada)

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK)

Webex Training E-commerce includes the following two features:

  • Fee-based training (for attendees): Attendees pay a fee for attending your sessions. For details, see Set up a Fee-Based Training Session.

  • Pay-per-use training (for hosts): Requires hosts to pay before they can start each training session. For details, see Set Up Pay-Per-Use Training.

Set up a Fee-Based Training Session

You can require attendees to pay a fee for your training session.

A fee-based training session requires attendee registration, and attendees must provide their payment information when registering.

To require a fee for a training session, type an amount in the Fee text box on the schedule page.

To turn on this e-commerce feature, contact your Webex site administrator.

Set up Pay-Per-Use Training

Pay-per-use requires hosts to pay before they can start each training session. Pay-per-use is designed for organizations that do not want to handle billing for every training session conducted on their Webex Training sites.

For example, an organization that allocated a training budget for each division can ask individual divisions to cover their own expenses to conduct training on the organization's WebexTraining site. Then the organization can reimburse the costs.

To turn on this E-commerce feature, contact your Webex account manager.

    1Select Start Session or Schedule on the Schedule Training Session page after you finish specifying options on the same page.

    The Estimated Session Cost page appears. This page displays the estimated cost of the session based on the number of people minutes, teleconferencing minutes, and the rate per minute.

    The number of people minutes is the training session duration multiplied by the number of computers connected in the session. The number of teleconferencing minutes is the session duration multiplied by the number of computers connected in the teleconference.

    2(Optional) To modify session settings, select Change.
    3To return to the Estimated Session Cost page, select Start Session or Schedule.
    4Enter your payment information.
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