Settings which have a locked symbol beside them can't be accessed, until your administrator unlocks them from Control Hub.

If you choose a locked setting, a dialog box appears. To unlock these settings, contact your administrator.

Not all settings are available on all products. Some of the items on this list may or may not be present on your device.

To open the Settings menu:

Board, Desk Series: swipe from the right side of the screen, or tap the button to open the control panel. Then tap Device settings.

Room Series: tap the button on the upper right corner of your touch controller's home screen, to open the control panel. Then tap Device Settings.

DX70, DX80: tap the device name at the top left corner of the home screen, and then tap Settings.

MX, SX: tap the system name at the top of the controller's home screen, and then tap Settings .

  • About this device : View the setup and Room OS version information for your device.

  • Issues and diagnostics :

  • Language and region

    • Language : Select a language for the user interface.

    • Time zone : Select your local time zone.

  • Audio

    • Bluetooth : Connect to a separate audio device using a Bluetooth connection. Read more about Bluetooth headsets for DX70 and DX80 .

    • Ringtone and volume : Set the default volume for ringtone and calls.

  • Screen and video

    • Snap to whiteboard : Set up your device to automatically frame your whiteboard when someone speaks next to it. For more, see Snap to Whiteboard .

    • Camera view : You can find instructions on how to manually adjust the camera angle to ensure that you get a good view of the meeting room when you have a Room Kit or a Quad Camera.

    • Presentation : Test sharing your screen from your computer. You can share your laptop screen using an extra HDMI or VGA cable.

    • Screen adjustment : Adjust the overscan or display settings on your external screen so that you get the best image when viewing video and graphics. The screen adjustment test helps you to instantly see the results of the adjustments you make on your external screen and ensures that the image is cropped correctly.

    • Default camera position : Set the default camera position for future calls.

  • Touch panel setup

    • Network connection : View or change the network connection details for your touch controller.

    • Pair/Unpair touch panel : Pair or unpair the Touch 10 from the room device. Afterwards, you can pair the touch controller to a new device by providing the connection details and credentials. To pair again with the current device, a factory reset is required. Read more about connecting to a Touch 10 over the network .

  • Network and service

    • Device activation :

      • Choose Cisco Webex and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your device with Cisco Webex.

      • Choose Other services , if you want to activate your device using another call service.

    • Network connection : Configure your device's network settings or select a network connection using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. For more, see Use Wi-Fi on DX70, DX80, Room Kit, and Codec Plus .

  • Restart : Restart your meeting room device.

  • Factory settings : If you reset your room device to its factory settings, you lose your current registration. You cannot undo a factory reset. After a factory reset, you need a new activation code to use the room device.