With Webex Assistant for Devices, you can use your Cisco Webex Boards, Desk Pro, and Room Series devices hands free. Just use your voice to initiate tasks without the need to look for a Touch controller. To use Webex Assistant for Devices, it needs to be enabled for your organization.

Webex Assistant for Devices is available in:

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Japanese

The Webex Assistant language depends on which language is set for the device.

You can start using Webex Assistant by saying the wake-word “OK Webex...” and your command. To close Webex Assistant, say "Dismiss".

Start Using Webex Assistant for Devices

To learn more about how to use Webex Assistant, see Use Webex Assistant for Devices to Control Your Room Devices.

Want to Enable Webex Assistant for Devices for Your Organization?

To use Webex Assistant for Devices at your organization, it needs to be set up in Cisco Webex Control Hub. To find out more about the setup and requirements, see Enable Cisco Webex Assistant for Devices.

For more resources to share with people in your organization, check out the Webex Assistant for Devices Tool Kit.

What You Can Do With Webex Assistant for Devices

Booking and Room Information

Start a Meeting

Meeting Controls

More Commands

Check the time

Proactive Join: Get prompts to join scheduled meetings

Start and stop wired screen sharing

Send feedback

Check the date

Call by name

Start or stop meeting recording

Find out what Webex Assistant can do

Check the room name

Call by number

Volume: adjust volume, set default level, mute microphone

Show the room calender for that day

Join scheduled meetings

Turn self-view on or off

Check when the room is available for that day

Join your Personal Room

Turn Speaker Tracking on or off

Book a meeting room

Join another person’s Personal Room

Turn Do not disturb mode on or off

Extend meeting room booking

Answer or reject an incoming call

End a call or meeting