Before you begin

Webex Assistant is available in Webex Meetings.

Beginning with the 41.6 update, it's also available in Webex Webinars for plans that support up to 10,000 users and as an add-on for plans that support up to 1000 users.

In the 41.7 update, meetings started or joined from the Webex App that aren't full-featured meetings support Webex Assistant. Meetings started or joined from a space don't support Webex Assistant.


To delete a recording:

  1. Select Recordings on the left navigation bar.

  2. Select More next to the name of the recording, and then select Delete > Delete.

    The recording moves to the trash and remain there for 30 days, unless you permanently delete it.
  3. To permanently delete a recording that's in the trash, select Deleted under My Recorded Meetings.

    Select Deleted
  4. Select Trash Trash next to the name of the recording.

    This deletes the video recording with the embedded transcript, but it doesn't delete the audio file and transcript for the video recording on the Review tab in Calendar.


To delete highlights, see Review and manage highlights Created by Webex Assistant for Meetings.