A video address connects your video system or application to a Webex scheduled meeting or a meeting host's Personal Room. To join or start a scheduled meeting, dial the video address.

You own a virtual conference room that has three permanent addresses—Web URL, video address, and call-in phone numbers. You can dial the video address to start a meeting in your room at any time. People can join you in your Personal Room by dialing the same video address every time.


Sign in to your Webex site and go to Preferences > Audio and Video > Video Systems


Add the details for a maximum of three video addresses.

The video system that you select as the default is used in your meetings as the video call-back option.


On the preview window when you join a meeting, click Connect to video system . Your default address is listed, but you can also manually enter a video system address.

When you join from the Meetings desktop app, the app detects nearby proximity-enabled video systems and prepopulates the video address for you.

You will receive a call from the meeting to your video system.