Sign in to your Webex site, then select Calendar.


Find the meeting or webinar, then select Registration.


The Registration link appears only for meetings and webinars for which you required registration.


Choose whether to view registrants by status, or to view the full list of registrants:

  • Pending—Lists the registrants you haven't accepted or rejected.

  • Accepted—Lists registrants that you accepted.

  • Rejected—Lists registrants that you rejected.

  • All—Lists all registrants (Pending, Accepted, and Rejected).


Export a list of all registrants by selecting Export.

Manage Registration page and the Export button

You can choose to open the file in a supported application, or to save the file on your device. The file includes the following details for each registrant:

  • Name

  • Status (Pending, Accepted, or Rejected)

  • Email Address

  • When Registered (date and time)