The Prompt to Join the Audio in Video Device-Enabled Meetings is in a Different Language

The prompt to join the audio in Video Device-Enabled Meetings is in a different language.

The voice and messaging prompts to join the audio conference in Video Device-Enabled Meetings are in a foreign language.

The teleconference join instructions for Video Device-Enabled Meetings are not in English.


For Video Device-Enabled Meetings, where the host has specified a preferred language, the endpoint audio prompts and video messages will be localized accordingly. As an example, if a host has set their language preference as German, all attendees joining this host’s meetings from any location will be presented with a German user experience. There is no method for attendees to modify the language preference independently of the host.

Workaround: If your attendees require the English IVR TP prompt, you can add the following to your meeting invites:

'For English speaking only attendees, please dial from your endpoints'.

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