Mac Outlook Webex Desktop Application Issue - Webex Icons Missing or Can't Update Meetings

Mac Outlook 16.22 Webex Desktop Application Issue

Webex icons in Outlook for Mac disappeared

Problems editing or scheduling Webex meetings in Outlook for Mac

Due to a recent code change in Microsoft Office for Mac the Webex Desktop App Outlook integration is no longer compatible. This impacts Outlook versions 16.21, 16.22, 16.23 and 16.24. Users who install this build of Office will lose the Webex icons and ability to schedule or edit meetings within Outlook. It is recommended that users and organizations hold off on adopting this version of Office until this issue can be addressed.

For users that have already installed this update, you may schedule and start meetings from your Webex site as a workaround.

See the matrix below:

Exchange Server Type / Outlook for Mac Client VersionOn Prem ExchangeO365Webex Outlook plug-in support version
Earlier than 16.21No impactNo impactWBS 33.0.7, WBS 33.6.X, WBS 33.9.X, WBS 39.1.X
16.21 - 16.22No impactImpacted (Update meeting)WBS 33.0.7, WBS 33.6.6 - 33.6.9, WBS 33.9.X and WBS 39.1.X
16.23 fast channelNo impactImpacted (Update meeting)WBS 39.1.4 and above
16.23 slow channel and 16.24Blocked (Desktop App versions prior to WBS 39.2.1, WBS 39.1.6 and WBS 33.6.10)Blocked (Desktop App versions prior to WBS 39.2.1, WBS 39.1.6 and WBS 33.6.10)WBS 39.2.1, WBS 39.1.6 and WBS 33.6.10

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