Before you begin

Applies to:

  • All active Meetings versions with the Meet, Business, and Enterprise plans

  • All Events (classic) and Webinars versions

Your Webex administrator must enable live streaming.

Sharing a whiteboard and sharing a file using Share File, including sharing a video file, aren’t supported while live streaming.

You must have a Google account to sign in to YouTube. Live streaming must be enabled for your YouTube channel.

Enabling live streaming for the first time may take up to 24 hours.

Make sure that you have signed in to YouTube Live and become familiar with the process of live streaming well before you intend to live stream your meeting or event.


Sign in to YouTube with your Google account.


In the upper right corner, go to Create a video and more and click Go live.

Go Live option

Click Stream > New stream.

Click New Stream

Fill out the form and click CREATE STREAM.

Click Create Stream

You see the stream key and stream URL. You'll need to copy and paste these in Step 7.

Stream key and stream URL


Click the Share button to get a link to share the live stream with your audience.


Sign in to your Webex site, start your meeting, webinar, or event, go to More options More options, and click Start live streaming.

Start live streaming option

Live streaming isn't available during a practice session in a webinar or event.


(Optional) Click Change streaming layouts to set the video layout of your stream.

For more information about selecting your streaming video layout, see Live stream your Webex meetings or events.


Select Other streaming services.

Streaming dialog

Enter the following:

  • For Streaming service, enter YouTube Live.

  • For Target stream link, copy and paste the stream URL from Step 4.

  • For Target stream key, copy and paste the stream key from Step 4.

Other streaming service information dialog

Click Start streaming to start streaming from Meetings, Webinars, or Events (classic).

To confirm that you're streaming from Meetings, Webinars, or Events (classic), check for the Live indicator in the upper-right corner of your meeting or event.


When you're ready to start streaming your meeting or event on YouTube, go back to YouTube, and wait until you see a preview of a live stream of your meeting or event.

Live stream preview

When you see a preview of the live stream, click Go Live in the upper right of the screen.

Go Live button

Now you can view a live stream of your meeting or event on your YouTube channel.

Click Share under the video to share the live video with other people.


When you stream a Webex meeting to YouTube, a Webex logo appears. Currently, the logo can't be removed.

What to do next

When you want to end the live stream:

  • Go back to YouTube Studio and select End Stream > End.

  • Go back to your meeting, webinar, or event, select More Options More options, and then select Stop streaming.