Zendesk Administrators

Configure Webex for Zendesk


Sign into Zendesk Support as an administrator and go to Settings > API.


Enable token access and create a new API token. Keep this token handy, you'll need it later.

Webex Site Administrators

Configure and Install Webex for Zendesk


Do one of the following:

  • If you manage your Webex site in Cisco Webex Control Hub, from the customer view in https:/​/​admin.webex.com, go to Services. Under Meeting, select Sites, choose the Webex site you want to add to Zendesk, and then go to Configure Site > Common Settings > Site Options.
  • If you manage your Webex site in Cisco Webex Administration, sign in to Webex Site Administration and then go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options.

Under Third-Party Integration, go to the Zendesk configuration section and enter the information for the following fields:

  • Zendesk subdomain—enter your Zendesk URL, for example, subdomain.zendesk.com.
  • Zendesk admin email—your email address for your Zendesk administrator.
  • Zendesk API token—the token that you or the Zendesk administrator created in step 2 of Configure Cisco Webex Meetings for Zendesk under Zendesk Administrators.

In Zendesk Support, go to the Marketplace and search for Cisco Webex Meetings, and then click Install.


Follow the installation instructions and when prompted, enter your Webex site URL in the format company.webex.com.