Connect Webex App and your Webex desk device so you can move from messaging people on the app to calling or meeting with them on your desk device.

A USB-C connection is an alternative to the UltraSound or wireless connection. We recommend this approach for anyone who works in an open office space with Webex devices nearby. We also recommend it for anyone who uses their desk devices with a laptop in shell mode.

After you connect your device, you can also do the following tasks from Webex App:

  • Share content from your computer screen.

  • Control the volume on your desk device.

  • Sign out from your device if you have booked it.

This feature doesn't require any configuration by an administrator.

Before you begin

Obtain the USB-C cable that came with your device.


Connect your computer to your desk device with your USB-C cable.

The name of your desk device displays in the top-right corner of Webex App.

To disconnect your device, go to the Webex App and select Disconnect .