Your device supports IP version 4 (IPv4), IP version 6 (IPv6) and dual. Dual is the default setting. You can change this in the Settings menu: select Network connection > Advanced network settings . Under IP Stack , choose between IPv4 and IPv6, IPv4, or IPv6. The IP parameters can be assigned automatically by the network, or you can set them manually.

If you have a new device, make sure that it’s upgraded to the latest supported RoomOS version and that it’s registered. This ensures that the Manual IP option appears in the Network connection settings. This doesn't apply to devices that are already registered.

To set or change IPv4 or IPv6 settings:

  1. Open the Device Settings menu on your device.

  2. Scroll to and select Network connection and then choose Ethernet .

  3. Enter the settings.

    • IPv4: Toggle off DHCP under IPv4 and enter the IPv4 address, subnet mask, and gateway.

    • IPv6: Choose Autoconf or DHCPv6 according to your network requirements. If the IP assignment is Autoconf, you can toggle DHCPv6 Options on or off.

  4. When you’re done tap the checkmark on the top right of the menu.