Transcriptions are only available in English for Webex.

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Go to Settings > Meetings > Recording and toggle on Create recording transcripts for all my MP4 recordings.


If you don't see this option, either your site administrator chose to create transcripts automatically for all recordings, or doesn't allow you to create recording transcripts automatically.

What to do next

View, search, and edit Webex recording transcripts.

Question: How long does it take for a recording to get transcribed?

Answer: In most circumstances, a transcript appears within twice the duration of your meeting, webinar, or event that is being transcribed. However, in rare circumstances it may take up to 24 hours for a transcription to appear, either due to the size of the meeting, webinar, or event, or due to the temporary load on the transcription engine.

Question: How do I download the transcripts?

Answer: You can download the transcripts from your Webex site in Modern View.

Question: Why don’t I see my transcripts?

Answer: Transcripts might not be available for the following reasons:

  • Your account has not been turned on for transcripts—If you do not see a transcript panel when you play your recordings, then you do not have the transcript service turned on. Contact your site administrator to get the transcription service turned on.

  • You see an error in the transcript panel instead of the transcript—The system will not produce a transcript if the overall quality/accuracy of the transcript is anticipated to be poor. This may happen if the audio quality in the meeting was bad due to the following constraints:

    • Noisy background

    • Poor acoustics

    • Non-English words present in the audio

    • Thick accents