Create Webex accounts

As the healthcare facility’s IT Administrator, you must first set up Webex accounts for each patient room that may share a mobile device, just as you did for each of your site users.

Make sure the site settings and the account's preferences allow users to enter the Personal Room freely.

Make the Webex site name, account usernames, and the password available to any team members that are managing the devices and meeting with patients.

Configure devices for the Webex Meetings app

The IT administrator or another member of the healthcare staff must configure the mobile device using mobile device management (MDM) software. This allows the staff to quickly sign in to accounts and easily switch accounts on the same device.


On each shared mobile device, open the Meetings mobile app.


Open your MDM software and go to the Webex app > Managed Configurations.


Enter the following information, using your own site URL, username, and password.

Enter the EnableAutomaticPR key only if you want to start a meeting automatically.

Key Value Type Value
SiteURL String
UserName String room100
UserPassword String password
EnableAutomaticPR Boolean (True or False) Allow the Meetings Personal Room to open automatically.

Tap Save to automatically sign in to the Meetings app and start a meeting in the accoun't personal room.


To switch to another account automatically, enter a different account UserName, such as room101, and tap Save.


If you haven't started the meeting automatically, tap Start Meeting.


When the meeting opens, choose the audio connection and make sure that video is on.

The device is now ready for the patient to meet with a medical team member.

Meet with the patient

When it's time for the medical team members to meet patients virtually, they can join the patient room account's Personal Room using the laptop or mobile device. The patient will be waiting to see you.

  • From a laptop, enter the Personal Room ULR into your browser, similar to

  • From a mobile device, open the Meetings mobile app and tap Join Meeting. Then, enter the Personal Room ID, similar to room100, and tap Join.

Once the meeting opens, choose your audio connection and make sure that your video is on.

After the visit

When the meeting ends, we suggest that each mobile device be disinfected and then erased according to Apple's instructions.

Once the mobile device is reset, download, open and sign in to the MDM software and the Meetings app again to make the mobile device available to the next patient.