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For placing calls using a Cisco device, you have a range of options at your fingertips. Whether it's your mobile device, the Touch controller, or the remote control, you have the flexibility to choose. The SX10 and SX20 models are equipped with a dedicated remote control, while the Room Series, SX80, and MX series devices come with the Touch controller. As for the Desk Series, you can easily make calls using the integrated touchscreen interface. For the Board Series, you can choose between the Touch controller or the interactive touchscreen interface to effectively manage your calls and interactions.

Here is a list of articles in regards to calling:

User experience with RoomOS 11

See this article to learn about the control panel and call controls on your Cisco device.

Device settings

See this article to learn about the settings available on your device.

Make calls with your device and the Webex app

You can see if the device is connected when its name shows up on the Webex app. Start a call by tapping the green video call icon in a space and choose Call on Webex. You can also navigate to the Calling menu to find your contacts and select the green video button.

Make sure to turn on the automatic connection on your app if it has been turned off. Select your profile picture, and navigate to Settings and Devices. On the Desktop app, select Advanced settings and toggle on Automatically connect to devices . On the mobile app, toggle on Use Ultrasound or Use NFC. Note that for the automatic connection to work, you can only have one device that uses ultrasound in a room. Read more about connecting a device to the Webex app here.

Share your screen on the device with the Webex app

Select the device's name and Share on device to start sharing your desktop with others.

For more details, see this article.

More on sharing content

You have several options to share content with your device both locally and in meetings:

Joining third-party meetings

Learn how your Cisco device simplifies connecting. Easily join Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom meetings directly from your device.

Camera settings and Layouts

Before calling, you can check your self-view. See Access and adjust self-view.

On Room series the camera can automatically track the speaker, as explained here. The camera finds the best view of the room based on the number of participants. You can also adjust the camera maually to control the zoom, pan, and tilt of the camera.

Here are all the screen layouts available on your device. You can enable People focus or Frames to change the layouts dynamically and optimize each participant`s space on the screen


Use your Board or Desk Series device's whiteboard to enhance meetings and presentations with interactive visuals. Draw and write in all directions without ever running out of space. See this article.