Individual meeting chat notifications remain on screen for 8 seconds. If there is a queue of messages sent around the same time, then they will show for a slightly shorter time of 5 seconds to avoid a big build-up of messages. A chat notification contains a maximum of three lines of text.

If the chat notifications get too busy or distracting, it is possible to disable them for the duration of the meeting. Admins can disable this feature completely by following the steps here.

  • In-meeting chat notifications only work for Webex Meetings joined on the devices.

  • In-meeting chat notifications are only supported on RoomOS 11 on cloud and cloud-aware (with Webex optimized experience enabled).

  • The ability to respond and interact with the chat is not available so far.


In a meeting, chat notifications appear on the top right of the screen in the same place as other device notifications.


To disable chat notifications for the duration of a meeting, expand the meeting information center where the meeting information is and toggle Message notifications off. If desired, you can easily turn notifications back on in the same way. After the meeting ends, the setting on that device will go back to the default of showing all chat notifications.

Limitation for personal mode devices

If you use one button to push and open the Webex app meeting window after you have already joined the meeting, there is no chat panel on the meeting window.

To see the chat panel during your meeting, you need to join from the Webex app first while connected to your personal mode device.