Leave meeting

Click Leave meeting Leave meeting.

If you and other participants are connected to a video system, click Leave meeting on computer only. That way, the meeting continues on the video system.

Click Leave meeting or End meeting for all Leave meeting or End meeting for all and then choose whether you want to end or leave the meeting:

  • Click End meeting for all to end the meeting for everyone.
  • Click Leave meeting to assign the host role to another participant so the meeting can continue. Then, choose a new host and click Leave meeting.

    For the Webex App for Android and iOS, the host role is automatically assigned when you leave a meeting.

    If you're connected to a video system and want to close the meeting on the video system too, check the Close meeting on <video system name> check box.


If you leave the meeting before you assign the host role to someone else, Webex App reassigns the host role in the following order:

  • Alternate host

    An alternate host must have a host license on your Webex site.

  • Signed in presenter

  • Signed in attendee

  • Presenters who aren't signed in

  • Attendees who aren't signed in

  • Users who dialed in from a device