April, 2024

Mac: v1.0.2.276 | Windows: v1.0.2.276

We are always working to improve the user experience. This sustaining update includes bug fixes and improves stability.

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • CSCwj69419: 'Upgrade Toast' of MacOS App does NOT prompt automatically when there is a newer version.

  • CSCwj69438: 720 MS upgrade failed (when BT connected as well).

  • CSCwj69444: Frame Rate Camera setting misses frame rate comparing to camera app.

February, 2024

The initial version of Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app is released with the following:

Cisco Desk Cameras

  • Cisco Desk Camera 4K
  • Cisco Desk Camera 1080p

Cisco Headsets

  • Cisco Headset 320 series (Webex version)
  • Cisco Headset 320 series (Microsoft Teams version)
  • Cisco Headset 520 series
  • Cisco Headset 530 series
  • Cisco Headset 560 series
  • Cisco Headset 720 series (Webex version)
  • Cisco Headset 720 series (Microsoft Teams version)
  • Cisco Headset 730

Cisco USB HD Adapter

Known caveats (bugs) are graded according to severity level, and can be either open or resolved.

Before you begin

You need the following to access the Bug Search Tool:

  • An internet connection

  • A web browser

  • A Cisco.com username and password


Open the Bug Search Tool.


Sign in with your Cisco.com username and password.


Enter the bug ID number in the Search for field and press Enter.