You can re-pair your USB Adapter if you have erased your headset Bluetooth pairings or need to replace your adapter.


Connect the USB Adapter to your chosen device.


Use a pen or a paper clip to press down the Pairing button on the USB Adapter for four seconds. The blue LED on top of the adapter blinks when it enters pairing mode.

USB Adapter button

On your headset, slide and hold the Power/Bluetooth switch for two seconds. The adapter and your headset pair automatically. The LED on top of the adapter shows solid blue when it connects.

Table 1. USB Adapter LED Status


Adapter Status

The LED shows solid blue.

The USB Adapter is connected to the headset.

The LED flashes blue.

The USB Adapter is in pairing mode.

The LED flashes for 10 seconds and turns off.

The USB Adapter can't find a saved headset. Your headset automatically pairs to the adapter when it turns on and has less than two active Bluetooth connections. If you have erased all Bluetooth pairings from your headset, put the adapter and your headset into pairing mode to reconnect them.