Assign the User Management Role in Webex Site Administration

Site Administrators can assign partial admin roles to users, including the User Management role which is only for managing users.

Users assigned the User Management role can perform the following actions:

  • Add, remove, edit, and manage individual users and their individual user privileges.

    The User Management admin role cannot assign a user to the full Site Administrator role or to the View Only administrator role.

  • Bulk import and export bulk with a CSV file.

    If a tracking code does not exist, the User Management admin role cannot add a new tracking code when importing a CSV file.

  • View the Inactive Users report.


The User Management admin role includes the host privilege, which consumes a license.

    1 Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to User Management > Edit User.

    To assign the role when you create a new user, go to User Management > Add User.

    2 Use the search options to locate the user, and then click the Name for that user.
    3 Under Account Type, select Partial Site Admin, and then from the menu, select User management.

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