Before you begin


If you have both Meetings and Webex App, and you use the same email address to sign into both accounts, then your email address is changed for both.


If your organization manages your account, they may employ more security measures, such as a synchronized user directory or single sign-on. If you change your email address, your access to Webex App could be affected, unless your single-sign-on address is also updated to match the address change. Contact your Webex site administrator before you change your email address.


Go to the Account Settings page , and then enter your email address and password to sign in.


Select the Email field.


Your browser may prompt you to save changes before you leave. Click Leave , to make changes.


Enter and confirm the new email address, and then click Submit .


Having trouble?

If your account is managed by your organization, contact your Webex site administrator .

If you're on the Webex Starter, Plus, or Business plan, contact support .

If you're on the Webex Free plan, open a case .