During the event, you can have the Attendee List display these two types of information next to the name of each attendee:

  • Company names that are based on attendee responses to the Company question on the registration form.

    Company names are not visible to participants who join from the web app or mobile app, so they will appear as N/A.

  • Lead scores that are based on attendee responses to questions on the registration form.

    You can sort the Attendee List by the scores or search for a company name to decide which attendees to give priority to during the event.

If you want to display lead scores and company names on the Attendee List, do the following on the registration form:

  • Under Standard Questions, specify that Company is required.

  • Use the lead scoring option in the Add Check Boxes, Add Option Buttons, or Add Drop-Down List windows. Specify that all questions with assigned scores are required.

  • To view lead scores and company names, you can also wait two minutes after a registration-required event starts, and then make an attendee a panelist. Next, assign them the presenter role and then reassign them as an attendee. In the Participants panel, click View all attendees..., and then click Refresh in the window that opens. From there, you can decide to Show lead scores and Show company names.