Configure Branding on Webex

Configure Branding settings that modify the look of the Webex App using customized colors and logos that reflect your brand and corporate identity.

Before you begin

Access to configure Branding is enabled by your partner administrator. If the Branding settings don’t display in Control Hub, or if you have read-only access to the settings, contact your partner administrator.


Log in to Control Hub.


Click Organization Settings and search for Branding.


Select the tab for the Branding type that applies to your company: Basic customization or Advanced customization.


For Basic customization, add your company logo and primary color and click Publish Changes.


For Advanced customization, click Customize Branding and edit the following settings:

  1. On the General tab edit the following settings:

    • Branding—Enter a name for the branding settings. This name will be added to the offering on the About page.

    • Dark mode visibility—Enable this toggle if you want users to be able to use the Webex App in either Dark mode or Light mode. Otherwise, only Light mode (the default) is available.

  2. On the Logos tab, upload your company logo into the box. Logos for Light mode and Dark mode must be uploaded separately

    Your logo gets added to both the Navigation bar and to the About window in Webex on Desktop. Logos do not display for either Mobile or Tablet applications.
  3. On the Colors tab, input the hexadecimal color schemes that you want to apply in Light mode and Dark mode.

    The screen image maps how each color setting gets applied to the Webex App. You can use the toggle and the tabs to switch the image between Light mode and Dark mode on various platforms (for example, Windows, iOS, Android).

  4. When you are finished, click Publish Changes.

Advanced Branding Color Settings

The following table summarizes the color settings from the subsequent images. Refer to the subsequent images to see these settings on the Webex App.

Image Reference



Primary Color



This control applies only to primary buttons such as Add and Save.


Navigation icons (active)


Navigation badges


Connect to a device





Figure 1. Sample Desktop Color Palette
Desktop Screen capture with Branding applied
Figure 2. Sample Tablet and Mobile Color Palette
Tablet and Mobile Screen captures with Branding applied

Add Custom Help and Feedback URLs

You can assign custom Help and Feedback URLs that launch when your users select the following options from the Webex App.
  • Help URL—Lauches when a user clicks the (?) icon or when a user selects Help > Webex Help from the toolbar.

  • Feedback URL—Launches when a user clicks Send Feedback in the About window or when a user clicks Help > Send Feedback from the toolbar.


Sign in to Control Hub and click Organization Settings.


Under Customize support information, enter your Contact support info:

  1. For the problem report URL enter your Feedback URL.

  2. Optional. Enter any additional support information (for example, phone numbers or email addresses). Note that this information displays on the meeting site rather than in the Webex App.

  3. Click Save.


Enter the Help Site URL and click Save.