See who's trying to contact you directly

Check your direct messages first because if someone wanted to reach you about something important, they’d probably contact you directly.

Check your @mentions

See what people have said to you since you left the office.

Checking for important messages.

If people are mentioning you directly, they may have an update for you on something specific, or have a question for you.

Filter your Favorites

Filter your spaces to just show your favorites . Since these places are where you do most of your working and communicating, you’ll need to catch up on any new messages that you’ve missed to make sure you’re up to date. Flag any content you need to come back to once you’re caught up.

Checking for important messages.

Plan for the Day Ahead

Take a look at your meetings to get a quick overview of what you have scheduled in your calendar so that you can plan your availability for the day.

View upcoming meetings from your calendar

Catch up on Some Light Reading

Depending on what your schedule is like, you might want to read through unread messages in your lower priority spaces. If that’s too much noise to sort through, do a quick search for words, phrases, or people you want to look for updates from.

find people, spaces, messages, files, and devices using the desktop and mobile app

Keep up with Your Boss

Put your boss’s name into the search box to find what they were talking about yesterday in the spaces you share. It’s one way to know what priorities your boss has and help contribute to that work. It might also shed some light on some areas you’re already working on to make your job easier.

Be Part of the Team

Take a look at the Teams you're part of, to see what's been happening while you've been offline. You can catch up on recent conversations and familiarize yourself with any new files or documents that may have been added to projects.

Now you know what questions people have for you, what conversations and updates you missed, what meetings you have scheduled, what’s important to your boss, and what work you need to do... it's time to get to work!