The Device Connector tool creates a Workspace, an activation code, and activates all of your devices in one go. This way you don’t need to be physically present in the same room to activate the devices.

  • Software version CE9.15 or later.

  • Encrypted version of CE software.

  • Control Hub access as a device or org admin.

  • You need to have IP addresses, usernames, and passwords for all the devices that you want to migrate.

  • HTTPS connectivity to your devices for the Device Connector tool.


From the customer view in , go to Devices and select Resources to find a link to the Device Connector tool. To read more about the tool, see Cisco Webex Device Connector .


After you have installed the Device Connector tool, select I want to register multiple devices to the cloud and click Register devices using CSV or Cisco TMS Overview Export files .


Browse to the file on your computer and open it.

To create the file from TMS, export a System Overview report and only select the Network Settings > Hostname system parameter . Manually add columns for Username and Password.

For the CSV file, you need to create columns for Address, Username, and Password.


The tool uses system unit name from the current provisioning system for the Workspace name. If one isn’t available, the MAC address is used. You can change the name by clicking the name field.


Click Register All to link all of the listed devices. To register an individual device, click the Register button next to it.

Device Connector sends the device information to your Webex organization, and the Webex Identity Service creates activation codes for all devices. The activation codes are sent to the devices through the API. HTTPS must be enabled for this to work.

When the device is registered to Cisco Webex cloud services, you can click the device name to open the device page directly in Control Hub.

If the device says Registration Pending, it isn't registered yet. The configuration is applied when the provisioning system pushes updated configurations to the device. The system attempts to register the device for 7 days until the activation code expires. If the device is available during that time, it gets registered.