Track Participant Attention in Cisco Webex Training

You can find out who is paying attention in your training sessions. If you find most participants aren’t paying attention, you can change your session structure to make it more engaging.

Track Participant Attention

During your training session, you can easily tell if attendees are no longer focused on your presentation. The attention indicator shows if an attendee has:

  • Minimized the training session window

  • Brought another window, such as any instant messaging (IM) window, in focus on top of the training session window

You can check the following:

Overall attentiveness

The left side of the bar graph indicates the percentage of attendees who are paying attention; the right side indicates the percentage of attendees who are not paying attention.

Individual attentiveness

If an attendee is not paying attention, an exclamation mark appears next to the name of the attendee.

After a training session ends, go to My Webex > My Reports > Webex Training > Live Training Usage Report to obtain data about individual attentiveness. A report contains this information for each attendee:

  • Attention-to-attendance ratio: Attentiveness based on how long the attendee was in the training session.

  • Attention-to-duration ratio: Attentiveness based on the duration of the training session.

Checking Participant Attention in a Training Session

During a training session, you can easily check which attendees are not paying attention.

Look for the ! icon that appears next to the name of the attendee who is not paying attention.

To check overall attentiveness, select the ! icon on the toolbar of your Participants panel.

Turn On or Off Attention Tracking in a Training Session

Only the host can turn on or off attention tracking in a session.

If the Attention tracking option is unavailable, contact your site administrator.

    1Select Session > Options.
    2On the Communications tab, select Attention tracking.

    For Mac users, select Webex Training > Preferences > Tools > Attention Tracking.

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