Webex supports GDPR by protecting and respecting personal data. In addition to our existing security and compliance policies, we have introduced the following data and privacy improvements.

Notify Users of Options When Converting Them to Your Organization

When you convert a user from a consumer organization to your enterprise organization, the user is notified and has 14 days to choose to keep their existing content private or to join your organization.

  • When the user chooses to keep their existing content private, they change the email address they use with the app and a new account is created for them in your organization.

  • When the user joins your organization, then your organization becomes the owner of any teams, spaces, or content created by the user in the app. Your organization's retention policy applies to any content they create. If you use Active Directory synchronization, you must also add the user to your Active Directory.

If after 14 days the user hasn't made a choice, then they are automatically moved to your organization.

For more information, see Convert Unlicensed Webex Users.

Delete User Generated Content when Organization is Deleted

When an organization is deleted, all the user generated content is also deleted. This includes any teams, spaces, files, and whiteboards the users created.

For more information, see Delete Your Customer Organization.

Request Deletion of User Generated Data

You can request that your user generated content and personally identifiable information is deleted, send your information to privacy@cisco.com.

Delete Inactive Webex Users

For Cisco Webex sites, when you deactivate a user in Cisco Webex Site Administration, the user is marked as inactive for Webex. If there is no action for 30 days then the user is deleted.

For more information, see Cisco and GDPR.