If you don't want to receive calls or make calls on mobile network, you can disable the VoIP call over mobile network.


On the Settings screen, tap Call Options.


Under Call capability over cellular network, tap Disable Call Function.

Disabling the VoIP on cellular networks results in the following changes:
  • Phone Services are disabled on Cisco Jabber.

  • You cannot make VoIP calls from Cisco Jabber or receive incoming calls.

  • Battery consumption reduces.

You can disable or enable Cisco Jabber calls over cellular network in the Settings option.

If you disable call function on cellular network, then:

  • Phone services are disconnected.

  • No incoming calls are received.

  • You cannot make a Cisco Jabber call.

  • Battery consumption for Jabber is decreased.


Go to Settings.


Go to Call options under Call section.

The Call capability over cellular network window opens. There are three options for Call capability over cellular network:
  • Audio only <default option>

  • Use audio and video

  • Disable call function


Choose Disable call function.