How Do I Copy and Read Log Files to Troubleshoot Cisco Jabber for iOS Issues?

How do I copy and read log files to troubleshoot Cisco Jabber for iOS Issues?

How do I open log files for Cisco Jabber for iOS?

How can I read the troubleshooting logs for Cisco Jabber for iOS?


Log files may be copied directly from an iPhone or iPad if Send Problem Report is not available due to the client not being able to restart after a crash.

To copy the log files:

  1. Download iTools or iFunbox (Windows/Mac).
  2. Start iTools or iFunbox to connect iPhone/iPad through USB.
  3. Navigate to the Logs folder: Jabber > Library > Application Support > Logs.
  4. Copy the log files to your local computer.

To open the logs:

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Open the logs with the WBX tracer tool, downloadable from
    • Note: File names:
      • The filenames contain the date and a unique identifier.

Example of Log information:

Notes about the log files:

  • Log files comes in as zip format.
  • When unzipping, files are listed in ascending order by timestamp.
  • There are three kinds of logs, xxx-console.log, xxx.log, and .wbt. .wbt is a wbxtracer file. The most important log is xxx.log, which can be viewed via Wordpad on Windows. On Mac it can be viewed via the browser.
  • The wbxtracer file shows network activity where the console log has both client and network activity.
  • Process ID is part of the log file name, a new file will be started when the app is restarted.
  • Contents of the log file timestamp is similar to the rich client’s log file. It is made up of Timestamp, Module Name, Process ID, Thread ID, and Function Name.

Log File Definitions:

ModuleKeywordDescriptionFlag Meaning
WiFi and 3G switchNetworkStatusType of Network connection

0 - No network connection
1 - 3G
2 - WiFi


WiFi and 3G switchNetworkStatusDidChangeShows if there are network changes1 -> 2 (3G to WiFi)
2 -> 1 (WiFi to 3G)
2 -> 0(WiFi to no connection)
1 -> 0 (3G to no connection)
VersionSetVersionWill show what version of the client they are running 
Background, Foreground



Determines if user is putting the app in the background or foreground 
Session TimeoutmySessionTimeoutFlag for enabling session timeout0 = never sign out
1 = on
CrashhandleUncaughtExceptionWhen a crash occurs 
WarningMemoryWarningiOS sends the app a memory issue warningLevel 1 - Warning - relaunch app
2 - urgent - quit all background apps
3 - critical - need reboot


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