The Cisco Webex site linking process links a Webex site to Cisco Webex Control Hub and gives you access to:

  • Analytics for you Cloud Collaboration portfolio, including Webex Meetings. Analytics gives you access to interactive data visualizations that show the details and descriptions of Cisco Webex meetings. You can also access data about how many minutes people are spending in meetings, the quality of those meetings, and what type of audio people are using.

  • Detailed troubleshooting data to pinpoint anything that could impact your meeting quality. You can access quality data about Webex meetings that are in progress or that have occurred within the past 30 days, and data about participant details, video quality, audio quality, and more.

  • People Insights that shows real-time business and professional profiles of meeting participants. Each user's profile can include their title, work history, social media links, and more.

  • A powerful REST API that allows for seamless Webex integration. Reach out to devsupport@webex.com to start using RESTful APIs. You can use the REST API to manage your Control Hub account, your Webex Teams deployment, or Cisco Webex Hybrid Services resourcing.

  • Webex desk and room devices integration. Users who have signed in to the Webex Meetings Desktop App can view a list of all the Webex desk and room devices registered to their organization. Users can also search for and find the device they want to connect with using the Webex Meetings Desktop App.

Webex site linking doesn’t change the privileges available to administrators in Site Administration or Control Hub.

Cisco Webex linking is permanent! Administrators in Webex Site Administration that want to complete the site linking process, must have full administrator privileges in Control Hub for the Webex organization that they want to link. For more information on different account linking scenarios see: What are the Different Account Linking Scenarios for Linking a Webex Site to a Cisco Webex Organization?

If you already have users in Control Hub, then they get linked to your Webex site for an enhanced meeting experience with Control Hub.

Manually Link a Webex Site

You can start the Webex site linking process if you see:

If you don't see the site linking option, reach out to your CSM to enable it. See How Do I Contact My Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

Manually linking your Webex site to Control Hub through Enroll Now is a two-step process. The first step only links a Webex site to Control Hub and gives you access to advanced analytics. With advanced analytics in Control Hub, you can generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track useful information about engagement, audio usage, and meeting quality metrics about Webex Teams and Webex Meetings. Linking your Webex site can take up to 24 hours.

The second step links your Webex Meetings users to Control Hub. This step is only required if you want an easy way to onboard your Webex Meetings users to Control Hub. You can manually or automatically onboard your Webex Meetings users to Control Hub. After you onboard your Webex Meetings users to Control Hub, there's an optional account linking step you can do to make future user management easier.

Before you begin

Partner administrator accounts that exist in a partner organization can’t be linked to customer organizations. If an account is not linked to a customer organization, then it can’t access the site linking settings in Control Hub.

If you don't have an existing Webex organization, then a Webex organization is created to link to your Webex site during this process. You will be added as a full administrator of the Webex organization that is created.

If you already have a Webex organization that you want to link your Webex site to, then you must be a full administrator of that organization. If you're only a member of a Webex organization, and not a full administrator, you will not be able to complete the linking process.


Sign in to Cisco Webex Site Administration and click Enroll Now. This triggers the enrollment process and sends an email to your email address.


You will only receive this email if you aren’t a user in, or administrator of a Webex organization.


Open the email that was sent, with the subject Connect to Webex Teams, and click Enroll Now. This opens a new window with your email address populated on a Sign-on page.


Click Enroll Now.


Enter your Webex Meetings password and select Sign In.

If you already have a Webex Teams account, then sign in using those credentials.


Click admin.webex.com, and sign in to Control Hub.

Step Result: Your Webex sites are now linked to your Control Hub account and you have access to analytics, see Troubleshoot Cisco Webex Meetings in Cisco Webex Control Hub. Continue to onboard your Cisco Webex users to Webex Teams if you want to enable Webex Teams for your Webex Meetings users.

Link Your Webex Meetings Users to Control Hub

The Webex Meetings user linking process gives Webex Meetings users access to additional Webex services. You need to verify your user’s email addresses before linking. You can manually or automatically verify the email addresses of the users you are about to link. This is accomplished in Task 4 of the linking process.


Click Launch Cisco Webex Control Hub.


Sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub. If you created your account with this process then use your Webex Meetings credentials to sign in.


Click Get Started under the notification that reads "Link your accounts to Webex Meetings".

If you don't see this notification, go to Services > View Webex Sites > Linked Classic Sites, then click the ellipsis next to an unverified site and select Change Linking Method.


Verify user email addresses in one of these ways:

This is the Manual process:

  • Click Receive email to have users verify their own addresses. In Step 8, you'll click Invite, which sends the email to all users. This is the only way to verify users’ email from a consumer domain like example@gmail.com.

This is the automatic process:

  • Click Verify to verify users now and on board them without manual verification. This requires you to verify ownership of the email domain(s) you are adding users from. You do this by uploading a .TXT file to the domain. To do this, choose a verification option:

    • To verify your domain now, follow the Add, Verify, and Claim your Domain process. Then select Verify Now, and select Next.

    • To verify your domain later, select Sign Agreement, and then select Next. Cisco Webex Control Hub fetches all domains to link. Verify that all the right Webex domains are about to get linked, select Next, and complete the linking wizard. You then have three months to complete the Add, Verify, and Claim your Domain process.


Select Start Linking Accounts. This takes you to Webex Site Administration.


Select Link Users


Select the check box next to all the users whose accounts you want to link. You can select all the check boxes by clicking the check box next to Name.


If you are enrolling your Webex Meetings users as part of a proof of concept, only select those proof of concept users now and continue the verification process with them. When you're ready to enroll everyone else in your company, come back to this screen, select everyone, and continue on to Step 8.


Select Invite. Depending on the decision you made in Step 4 of this user verification process, then selecting Invite will trigger different events.

  • If you used the Add, Verify, and Claim Domain option: then clicking Invite links user accounts and allows people to sign in to Webex services with their Webex Meetings credentials. No email is sent out and it's up to the site administrator to inform users of any new services they have access to.

  • If you used the "verify by email" option: then once you click Invite, the email is sent. Emails aren't sent to users if their domain is already verified.


Clicking Invite always sends an email to users you add who have a consumer email domain like @gmail or @outlook.

Step Result: Your Webex Meetings users have now been onboarded to Control Hub.

Account Link Your Webex Meetings Users to Control Hub

Account linking is a setting that you can set up to link users added in Webex Site Administration to Control Hub. If you don’t set this up, then you’ll need to add new users to both Webex Site Administration and Control Hub in order to give them access to Webex services.

Users that have their domains verified are automatically linked.

If you get a failed error when trying to link Webex Meetings users to Webex Teams with Directory Connector enabled, see this article.


From the customer view in https:/​/​admin.webex.com, go to Services, choose a Webex site that you've linked, and click Modify.


Click Verify to verify a domain, or Receive Email to invite users to link their Webex Meetings accounts to Control Hub.

You can choose from the following options to start the Webex site linking process:
  • Link to an existing Control Hub organization: If you have an existing organization to link your webex site to, it will show in Webex Site Administration. Existing organizations to link to are chosen based on the organization name, organization ID, administrators email addresses in the Control Hub organization, and verified domains.

    Contact a full administrator in Control Hub if you want additional privileges.

    Full administrators are notified when a new Webex site is linked to their organization.

  • Create a new organization for my Webex site: If you don't have an existing organization to link your Webex site to, or you want to create a new organization, then you can choose to create a new organization to link the Webex site to. Once you complete the site linking process, you become a full administrator of the organization you created. Use your Webex Site Administration credentials to sign into Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com.

Adding Users

Users that have verified their email address are linked to Control Hub within 48 hours after you complete the site linking process. Users that haven't verified their email address won't be linked to Control Hub. Users linked to Control Hub will also be able to sign in to Webex Teams

Auto License Assignment

If you've linked a Webex site to an existing organization with the auto license assignment turned on, new users created through site linking won't receive licenses. If an administrator wants to assign a license to new users, they must update the license assignment with a CSV file.


Sign in to Webex Site Administration, and under Site Information, click Link now.


You can choose to:

  • Link to an existing Control Hub organization that we think might be yours.
  • Link to a new Control Hub organization to create a new organization.

Check the I have read the above information thoroughly and I agree to link my Webex site check box, and select Link Now.

Automatic Site Linking for Webex Sites

All Webex sites managed in Webex Site Administration will automatically link to Control Hub on a date that will be announced here. Webex sites link to an existing Control Hub organization based on the:

  • Organization name.

  • Organization ID.

  • Administrators email addresses.

  • Verified domains.

If there isn't an existing organization to link the Webex sites to, then a new organization is created. To see if a Webex site has completed the site linking process, sign in to Site Administration and check if it says Enrolled next to Cisco Webex Control Hub under Site Information.

After site linking, administrators can sign in to Webex Meetings sites and Webex Site Administration. Administrators can sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com using the same Site Administration credentials.


All users are linked to Control Hub and don't receive a welcome email. New users that you add after site linking must verify their email address to link to Control Hub and are linked within 48 hours. Any changes that you make to user accounts in Site Administration automatically syncs to Control Hub.

Licenses assigned to users in Site Administration carry over to Control hub. The automatic site linking process doesn't assign any new licenses.

If a user has access to more than one linked Webex site, then the preferred Webex site for that user is the first Webex site that was linked to Control Hub.