Before you begin

You must have Calling in Webex Teams (Webex Calling and Unified CM) or Hybrid Calling deployed in your organization.


From the customer view in, go to Services > Calling > Client Settings > Call Settings .


In App Call Options Priority , drag and drop calling options into Available Call Options and Hidden Call Options to show or hide these options and prioritize as needed for users in your organization.

Any call option that you hide will not appear in users' contact cards.

The number 1 priority call option you choose will be used for the single click-to-call feature. If the number 1 priority chosen hasn't been set up, the call will automatically reroute to the next option. For example, if you choose Work Number as the first available call option, when your users make a call from Teams, the call is always routed to a person's work number. If that person doesn't have a work number, the call is automatically routed to the next available option, such as their SIP URI.

Turn Enable Single Click-to-Call on or off.

Any changes made are saved automatically.