Register Your Application with Context Service

Registering with Context Service

After Cisco Context Service is enabled for your organization, you receive an email requesting a sign-in and a password change. Use the information in the email to register your application with Context Service.


To use Context Service, all call center components must be able to connect to the public Internet. See Context Service Network Connectivity Requirements for more information.

To register Context Service for Cisco on-premises applications:

After you have the email from your account partner with Context Service entitlement information, you can register using your new organization credentials.

  1. Click the link in your email and sign into your Cisco Webex Control Hub account using the new credentials from the email.

  2. Create a new password and click Submit.

  3. Sign into your Contact Center administration portal. You see a welcome message and a registration button for Context Service similar to this:

      If your network requires proxy servers, enable them before you register.
  4. Click Register.

  5. When prompted, confirm that you want Context Service to redirect your browser during registration.

  6. The Cisco Webex Control Hub opens in a web browser window. Sign into your Cisco Spark account.


    This is not the account created for Context Service

  7. Click Allow in the Enable Hybrid Services window.

    Context Service redirects your browser back to the application that you initiated registration from.

  8. Log in with your agent credentials to use Context Service.

For custom applications that you develop using the Context Service SDK, follow the registration process as defined in the Getting Started page on Context Service DevNet.

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