Serviceability Connector

Expressway Clustering

  • The Serviceability Connector should be hosted on a single Expressway. We do not support the Serviceability Connector on multiple node clusters.

Expressway Coresidency

  • The Serviceability Connector requires a dedicated connector host Expressway. We do not support coresidency with other connectors.

Cisco BroadWorks

  • The Serviceability Connector supports the current major release of BroadWorks servers, and two major releases before that release (N-2 support). There is one known exception: the command to retrieve MariaDB status [cmd:mdbctl status] from the Cisco BroadWorks Messaging Server is only supported on BroadWorks R22 or later.

Hosted Collaboration Mediation Framework (HCM-F)

  • Each Serviceability Connector may manage one HCM-F deployment. This is by design.

    Your organization may have multiple Serviceability Connectors , but only one per HCM-F deployment.

  • The Serviceability Connector supports the following numbers when importing from HCM-F:

    • Up to 700 customers

    • Up to 1000 clusters

    • Up to 3000 devices

    The Serviceability Connector raises an alarm if the import from HCM-F exceeds any one of these threshholds.