How Do I Capture a Charles Proxy Log?

How do I capture a Charles proxy log?

How do I use the Charles proxy log for Mac?

How do I capture Charles proxy log for Windows?

How do I use Charles Proxy logs to troubleshoot Webex Desktop App (PT) issues?

Charles Proxy Tool is used to capture logs for technical problems with Webex Desktop App (PT) for Windows and Mac.


Download and install Charles proxy from the following link:

Charles is available for Windows (32/64-bit) and Mac OS X.

For help with the installation, see:

Note: Steps below are shown for the Mac OS. For Windows install help, see the above link.

Prerequisites - Settings

  1. Launch Charles.   (Tips: If you are using VPN, disable the VPN first and then launch Charles. After that you can enable the VPN back.)
  2. Go to Proxy Settings > select macOS.
  3. Enable macOS Proxy:
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  1. Go to Proxy > Proxy Settings
  2. Enable Use a dynamic port:
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Install SSL Certificate to Authorize Charles Proxy
  1. Go to Help > SSL Proxying > Install Charles Root Certificate
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  1.  Open Keychain Access. If the Charles proxy certificate installed under login, move it to System, then make sure the certificate is trusted:
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  1. Double click on it to edit the settings.
  2. Under Trust > When using this certificate, set this to Always Trust:
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      The certificate will now appear as trusted:
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Enabling SSL proxying for a particular site
  1. Enter the site URL in the browser and Charles will capture the logs with the site and appear as below:
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  1. Go to Proxy > SSL Proxying Settings.
  2. Click Add, and enter the site URL for which the decrypted traffic needs to be captured, enter 443 in the Port: field.
  3. Select OK:
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 The end result should appear like the following:
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Now you can start to capture correct Charles logs for the site URL. If you want to capture other site URL, please repeat steps 1-3 above and ensure the URL was added to the SSL Proxying.

When properly configured, captures will appear as shown on the right side of the image below:

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For more information on using Charles Proxy Tool, see:

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