If a service that you want to block isn't listed, contact Cisco support to see if they can get it added to the list. You need to provide them with bot's email address. See How Do I Get Help with Webex? for more information.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, select Services, go to Meeting, and choose Sites.


Choose the Webex site to change the settings for, and select Settings.


Under Common Settings, select Security.


Under Default Options, toggle on the service that you want to block under Blocked email list.

blocked email list

We only restrict email addresses within the bot domain, not the entire domain. We recommend contacting Cisco support to add more email addresses to the blocked email list.

Select Save.


Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options.


Scroll down to the Security Options section and, under Blocked email list, check the service that you want to block.

Blocked email list

Select Update.