You can also start a Personal Room meeting by phone only.

Dial one of the call-in numbers.

To find the call-in numbers, open the email invite you received when you scheduled the meeting. Or, go to Meetings , select the meeting, and then select Meeting information.

The phone numbers are under Join by phone. The meeting number, which you need to enter next, also appears.


Enter the meeting number, then press #.


If prompted, say your saved phone number.

If you call from a phone number that you didn't save in Webex, you're prompted to say one of the phone numbers that Webex uses for call-in authentication. You can find these phone numbers saved in your audio and video preferences, under My phone numbers.

Enter your host PIN, then press #.

To find your host PIN, open settings from your profile picture and go to Meetings. Your host PIN appears under My Personal Room.

During the meeting, use your phone's keypad to manage the meeting.