About the Webex App Default Landing Screen

The "Landing Screen" refers to the main window of the Webex app, and it can show any of the following:

  • Messaging

  • Contacts

  • Calling

  • Meetings

Users may not be able to see the default tab

The Webex app does not expose services for which the user is not licensed, so it's possible that the default landing screen you select is not visible to some of your users.

In this case, the affected users land on the screen that shows the highest placed service that they are licensed for (the order is the same as the above list). For example, if you select Meetings as the default landing screen, users who are not licensed for meetings see the messaging screen when they open the Webex app.

Changes take time to propagate

When you change these settings, you may wait up to eight hours for the change to apply to all users. In practice it is not usually this long.

The app remembers the user's choice

The user only needs to set the landing screen when they want to change it. The app remembers the choice.

If you subsequently prevent users from changing their default landing screen, the app will take your choice from Control Hub instead. If you change it again to allow the user to choose, the app remembers what they chose before.

Mobile / Web versions of the Webex app do not support this feature

The default landing screen feature is supported on the Windows and Mac versions of the Webex app.

Select Webex App Default Landing Screen


Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com.


Open the Organization Settings and scroll down to find the Default Landing Screen for Webex App settings.


Use the dropdown to select Messaging, Contacts, Calling, or Meetings as the default landing screen for Webex app users.


Check the box if you want to Allow users to choose custom landing screen.

If the box is not checked, users see the default you selected in their General Settings, but they cannot change it.

What to do next

You may want to tell users how Choose their Landing Screen.